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Pros and Cons of Online Dating


Online dating has many pro's to finding someone special who's just right for you.

Like most single men and women out there, you have trekked the exciting and sometimes treacherous roads of dating. But real love has still eluded you. You’re running out of options. Why don’t you try online dating?

Online dating can be one of the most satisfying experiences you may ever have. But it goes without saying that it is not without its negatives. Before you take the plunge and sign up to an online dating service, here are some pros and cons of online dating. 

Pro Number 1: Rejection? Who Cares?

Being rejected by someone you really like can be devastating. Online, the sting of a rejection will not hurt as much as when a girl or a guy turns you down personally.  A rejection in instant messenger or an email that does not get answered is easier to accept than an icy look or an insincere “Oh, I’m sorry but I’m busy on Saturday.”

 Pro Number 2: I’m Safe, I’m Anonymous

It can be liberating to look for persons with similar interests without having to introduce yourself first. Most online dating services allow you to browse the profiles of other people anonymously. Then, when you’re ready, you can make your move. When you date online, you don’t have to experience the awkward silences or the embarrassment of saying the wrong thing because you’ll have all the time in the world to make an email that will impress the man or woman of your dreams.

Con Number 1: Dishonest People Do Exist

Anonymity in online dating can also be a disadvantage. Some people may misrepresent themselves online. They create fake profiles. Some may lie about their age, gender, or even what they look like. Others may lie about whether or not they’re single. But do not let this discourage you. If you approach online dating with common sense and a dose of caution, you’ll be fine.

Con Number 2: Paying the Price

Nothing is free is in this world. If you want to date online, you have to be willing to shell out some dough.  Most online dating services allow you to browse profiles for free. However, they usually do ask you for a subscription fee if you want to contact any of its members. So, it can get a little bit expensive, but compared to going out and trying to find someone at a bar, it’s really not much. Some online dating sites do have lesser fees if you agree to sign up for a longer time. Think of it as an investment. Instead of buying a new outfit or an extra round of drinks, you’re paying the fee to get to know more interesting singles than you would meet face-to-face.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of online dating, you’ll feel more confident and more than ready to meet your match in cyberspace. Happy online dating!



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