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Rainy Day Date Ideas

by Marie

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You’re about to go out but suddenly, Mother Nature won’t cooperate and sends you rain. Don’t despair. Your date isn’t over yet. Here are a few fun and unique date ideas that are guaranteed to banish the rainy day blues away.

Themed Movie Marathon

Why don’t you put a twist to the regular movie marathon? Create a theme around the movies you’re going to watch, such as “Worst Movies of All Time!” or “Three Movies That Remind Me About You.” Challenge your date to bring a movie that revolves around the theme.  Have fun trash talking rotten movies or cuddle up on the couch as you swoon over which movie scene best reminds your date about you.

Romantic Dinner/Coffee Date

Who says a rainy day can ruin a dinner date? The rain could add a romantic touch to your dinner date provided you choose a dinner table with a good view outside. With the rain pouring outside and the two of you ensconced inside a restaurant, you can get to know each other. If it’s not raining too hard and it’s not too gusty, take her to a coffee shop, talk while nursing a coffee, and have the inviting aroma of coffee surround you.

Photo Shoot

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do a photo shoot. Get a digital camera and shoot away. Take turns being the photographer and the model. You can dress up in costumes or just focus on each other’s facial expressions. Then, get photo editing software and play around your pictures with your date. Print out your best shots and this can be a memorable souvenir of your fun date.

Cook Fest

Instead of going out for dinner, why don’t you cook your own? Choose recipes that you’ve already done or that are not too complicated. Gather all the ingredients and start cooking. Get your hands into the ingredients (make sure they’re clean!) and enjoy the textures the food gives you.  Next, set up a romantic dinner table complete with candles and wine, and you’re off to a great romantic evening with your date.

Video Game Mania

Get your Xbox, Wii, or Playstation out and play some video games. Make sure that the games you’re playing are for two players.  It’s no fun just watching someone else play.The Wii is a great choice because you need to get moving to play. A little competition won’t hurt, too. Challenge each other and set up prizes or punishments to make the evening more enjoyable.

The key to a rainy day date is to be more creative. With these rainy date ideas, you won’t even notice that it’s raining. 


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