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Romantic Date Ideas


The thrill of a hot air balloon ride, is certain to make for a romantic date and experience the two of you will never forget.

Whether you have just started going out or celebrating your fifth wedding anniversary, dates are important to keeping the passion alive in your love life. Here are a few romantic date ideas for every stage of your relationship.

Igniting the Flame

A first date is crucial. You have to wow your date so you can get that second date and the third, and the fourth. She’s probably gone on millions of dinners before, so this should be a date she’ll remember. In a good way, of course.  Here are a few tips to get you going:

  1. Volunteer. Nothing ticks a woman off than a guy with a heart. Scan volunteering activities in your local area. Visit an orphanage and take turns storytelling to children. Head to the nearest animal shelter.  Don’t forget to top this off with a quiet lunch or dinner so you can share your insights about the experience.
  2. Prepare a Picnic. An alternative to the regular dinner date, the picnic tells your date that you are a romantic guy and that you cared enough about her to go through so much effort of making sandwiches and ordering wine. Choose a nice location with a good view. It can be near a lake or overlooking the city. Outdoor park events are a bonus, since you’re not pressured to keep the conversation going all throughout the date.
  3. Visit a Psychic. Before you go out to dinner, visit a psychic. Have the psychic read her future.   Women love the supernatural. A preview of what is to come, whether a new love or a promotion in her career can cheer her up and make her feel more confident.  Dinner will be a breeze because of this

Putting the Spark Back

You’ve been dating for awhile now and you need to spice up your dates. Now is the time to use what you know about her to prepare for a date that will remind her what a great guy you are. Here are some ideas that are guaranteed to put the spark back in your life.

  1. Spa. Book an out-of-town trip to a spa. There are spas that cater to couples and you can have her massaged and pampered to her heart’s desire. Share a Jacuzzi with rose petals and drink wine. Trust me, she’ll be so grateful for this relaxing day that she’ll do anything for you for weeks.
  2. Reenact Her Favorite Movie. Reenact a scene from her favorite romantic movie. Make sure you set up the location into something she will instantly recognize. Memorize the lines and sweep her off her feet.  Put into reality the delicious thrill she feels whenever she watches a romantic movie.
  3. Hot Air Balloon Ride. Nothing is more exhilarating than riding a hot air balloon with the whole world beneath your feet. The chilly air is perfect for a cuddle. If she’s afraid of heights, you’ll be her knight-in-shining-armor, ready to protect her from harm.
These romantic date ideas all have one thing in common: an effort to make sure your date has the time of her life. Try these ideas and your love life will never lose the spark ever again. 


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