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Seduction Moves to Skip


You should probably have figured out by now that men are not that complicated. They are always ready and just waiting for the perfect move that we have to do in order to seduce them. It’s really nice to wear that sexy outfit once in a while to try and seduce him. But you have to remember that even if they are easy, there are still certain things that could backfire when trying to seduce him. Here are some things that could have an undesired effect to your man.

Trying too Hard. He would definitely love a subtle move but when you try too hard then it could definitely mean a turn off. When you go overboard on hinting about how you would love a corn dog and end up putting too much saliva on it will give him the feeling that everything is scripted and forced.

Using Excess and Unnecessary Props. An occasional toy or pair of hand cuffs would already do the trick. But pulling out an entire boxful of toys might freak him out. This would make him feel that he’s missing some body parts that the toys have to make up for. Everything in excess is definitely not good so try to limit your props to avoid further turn offs.

Going Too Far in Public. For some guys, being overly naughty in public places and around a bunch of strangers will make them more awkward than pleased. It will be very hard walking with a hard on and having people to notice it will be quite embarrassing. It’s nice to play a little flirty outside the bedroom but being overly seductive will not get your message across.

Not Letting Things Happen Naturally. Forcing things to happen is not pleasing. You have done your part in making the evening perfect but if it doesn’t happen the way you want it, it’s okay. Men are simple and by putting effort will already mean something for them. Forcing things to happen will just ruin everything.

We all want to look sexy and seduce our partners most of the time. By being simple and by being ourselves we will get the attention of our loved ones and even make an impression that we are sexy in our own little ways. 


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