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The Seven Deadly Sins on a First Date


You finally have the date you've been waiting for. Before getting all excited, prepped-up and ready to go, get yourself acquainted with the things that you should definitely NOT do if you want to score that precious second date. Read on!

1.      Spending more time with your cellphone than with your date

Nothing is more irritating on a date than someone who seems to have their cellphone permanently glued to the palm of their hands. It's fine to check for messages once in a while or bring out your phone and excuse yourself when you have a call, but bringing it out every minute (or not putting it back in your bag at all) is such a turn-off. This may give your date the impression that you are not interested, or maybe that you're too busy to even spend some real time face to face with a human being.

2.      Wearing your tattered two-year-old sneakers and yesterday's shirt, and forgetting to brush your teeth

Aside from making you look (and smell) not-so-decent, this would also give off the impression that you don't take hygiene seriously (what's with yesterday's shirt?), and that you don't care about what you look like. Except if you're going hiking or camping, this outfit, including anything that spells scruffy or untidy, would definitely be a no-no. And, at least pop a mint if you can't brush your teeth before meeting up. Nothing kills attraction like a blast of bad breath on a first date.

3.      Complaining about anything and everything you can complain about

No one likes to be with a person who shows displeasure at even the little things. Sure, it's just a way of releasing your irritations, no matter how minor, but it's just not nice to do it on a first date. Complaining about the place, or the weather, or how your day went does not really show a pleasant attitude. The other person could get the impression that you do this a lot, and may even think that you are difficult to please. Show your date that you are able to keep minor irritations in check and you have that ability to brush off things that are not worth your natter.

4.      Talking about your ex

Whenever this topic is brought up during a first date, its best to subtly brush it aside and direct the conversation to a more interesting topic. Someone who insists on talking about their past relationships on a first date will give off the vibe that there are still some intense feelings out there (either good or bad) about the relationship. What's more, it could possibly show that you're still not over the person. Who in the world would want to be the rebound boyfriend or girlfriend? It could also possibly reflect how you are with relationships. Sure, you may have not-so-nice things to say about your ex, but it's better to keep them to yourself on the first date.  If your date sees that some relationships ended up on a bad note, he/she may get the notion that you aren't that good at handling one.

5.      Telling your date about everything that happened to you today, and yesterday, and a year ago, and five years ago...

Well, in short, being too talkative can kill that magical night. Being lively and telling your date some facts and stories about yourself can be fine, but not to the point of telling them everything about yourself. This is still the first date, so keep the dialogue light and fun. You wouldn't want the person to know everything that you were up to the whole week, not to mention all the names of your first and second cousins and their respective pets, all on the first date. Let the other person have their turn to talk. Plus, it would be best if you leave a hint of mystery, making your date want to know more about you; and so, increasing the chance for that next date.

6.      Getting drunk

One or two glasses of champagne or a nice cocktail would be fine after dinner, but don't overdo it. Nothing is more embarrassing (and pathetic) than getting drunk on a first date. This shows that you might just have a need for a few lessons in self-control. Plus, you don't want to give your date the burden of having to witness all your senseless yakking and the insane, drunken things you might do.

7.     Giving in to that lusty craving

This just simply translates into: "Don't have sex on the first date." So, you're done with dinner, dessert and a little walk down the block. It's time to say good night. Don't ruin that pleasant encounter by expecting more than a friendly hug or a quick peck on the cheek. Most first dates ending up in the bedroom often don't get the chance to redeem themselves on a second date. They usually end up as one night stands or casual sex, and nothing more. Besides, who would want to have a long-term relationship with someone who sleeps with a person they barely know or have only met for the first time? And, save yourselves from the regret or embarrassment that you might feel the next day when you wake up. Take the time to get to know each other first and let the attraction last a few more dates before deciding to take the relationship to the next level.



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