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Sexting - Should you do it?


Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit text messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones.

You’ve heard it in the news. Sexting has become prevalent with teens. With the invention of built-in cameras in cell phones come a whole new way of flirting and having sex. Sexting is a coined term that combines the words “sex” and “texting.” It’s the sending of suggestive messages or photos by electronic means, usually through cell phones. While a lot of issues revolve on whether or not sexting when it comes to teens is illegal, but what about adults doing the deed?

The Right Time

Before you engage into this racy activity, you have to consider a lot of things first. You have to know at what stage of the relationship you are in and whether or not sexting will add to your relationship or diminish it. For example, are you just beginning to date the person? If you see a lot of potential in this date, then avoid sexting for now. Sexting with someone you have gone on a couple of dates with will send a message that you’re only into the relationship because of the sex.

If you’re already in a serious relationship with someone, then consider sexting as something that will add spice and excitement to your relationship. Sending a racy message in preparation to a date night will heighten your man’s anticipation of the event. It’s an excellent foreplay tool if you just know how to go about it.

Photo or No Photo

You should also think whether or not you should just send a sexy text along with a photo. If you’re unsure of what to text, scan romance novels that are considered trashy and take your cue from there. If you’re going to send a photo, make sure that you don’t take it so that people can recognize you.  You’ll never know what will happen to these pictures once you hit the “send” button.

Proceed at Your Own Risk

You should also be cautious during sexting. The worst thing might happen and your private pictures might be shared with others. There are some cases when a cell phone was stolen and lost along with incriminating photos. There are some which were shared just after a lovers’ fight or after a break-up. So before you engage in sexting, be sure to prepare yourself for the worst thing that could happen.



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