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Single Moms and Dating: Tips to Get Back To the Dating Scene


Nowadays, a family is no longer composed of a father, a mother and children. A huge percentage of the US population alone is made up of single moms. They may be people who have just had been divorced, or some who have had a child from previous relationships. Whichever the case may be, they are individuals who still need the love and affection that only comes from a partner.

Getting back into the dating scene is often a challenging phase. After bearing the brunt of the ending of a previous relationship that may have lasted for quite some time, it is usually difficult to get back into the stage of looking for that person who would be there to love you just the way you are, kids and bitter past and all. Below are some tips to find a date if you are a single mom trying to get back to the dating scene.

  • Start primping and preening again - Beautify yourself! You deserve it anyway. Get back to trying to lose some of that weight gained from not having the time to workout and eating foods that are not exactly good for your diet. Have a haircut or do something new with your hair. Get back to being stylish and gorgeous, and in no time you'll be feeling and looking great inside and out. Plus, be assured that this would also help you boost your confidence in yourself.
  • Reconnect with friends - Get in touch with your old friends (those that you haven't had time to go out with while you were busy being a supermom to your kids) and tell them you'll be joining them on their next romp around the town, or even to just the friendly neighborhood restaurant or coffee shop. Its time you treated yourself to the good old chats with friends over a cup of coffee or tea. You have to at least make up for those times you had to stay home and look after the kids. You need some time-out too! In addition to feeling good to have some good friends to tell how things are going, who knows, Mr. Right might just be at that next table.
  • Join groups that focus on your interests - Further expanding your world can do you some good. Join groups with which you have a common interest, or take up classes or hobbies that you have been dying to learn about. Aside from just going for the purpose of adding to your knowledge, take it an excuse to scope out potential dates, or even better, establishing connections and meeting new people. Plus, if you would meet someone attractive from these classes, you both have something in common already.
  • Set-up an online dating profile - Numerous sites on the internet are available for those who want to meet and develop connections online first, and then meet up when a match is established or if the initial chatting takes on a much further attraction. A plus for this is that there are many sites that focus on helping single parents find potential partners.
  • Involve yourself in local community projects - Getting active in the community is one more way of getting to know more about other people and also exposing yourself to some male eyes looking out for potential partners. This also sets the focus on spreading out your social circle and not just finding a partner.
  • Remember that sometimes, you have to think of yourself too - Being a parent can drain you of the time and energy you need for yourself. Of course, there is no denying that you have to put the needs of your kids first. But put in mind that it's not always just about the kids. Remember that you are responsible for your own well-being. Depending on the ages of your kids, you may be able to manage your time wisely so that you would be able to have time for both your kids and yourself.


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