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10 Tips for Preparing for the First Real Date

When getting ready to Meet your Match in Person be sure to follow these 10 tips!

Meeting your online match for the first time can be a fun and unique opportunity to shine! By following the tips outlined below, you will effectively get the experience you need to move the relationship forward or move on quickly.

  1. It's a no brainier but I have to remind everyone to meet in a public location. Places like coffee shops, parks and restaurants are perfect for the first meeting.
  2. Don't over or under-dress.  Take some time to pick clothing that fits. Do this before the date, not the day of.  Ask a friend or family member to help; they see you from the outside.
  3. Remember personal hygiene. Now is not the time to forget your good grooming habits. Make sure you shower or bathe, use a comb, apply deodorant and by all means, brush your teeth!
  4. Before the date determine a time limit for the date and stick to it. Forty five minutes to an hour and a half should do it.  This is the first meeting. Even though you may get swept off your feet, pull yourself down out of the clouds. Dating smart means if you hit it off, there will be date two.  If you are not interested, you have forty five minutes to meet someone new.
  5. Tell a friend where you are going. Leave the address and tell them the time limit you have set for yourself.  Have them call you to keep you on track and of course, check up on you.
  6. Try not to meet at a bar for a cocktail.  Even though this may seem like the most logical connect and a vodka tonic sounds like a great way to ease anxiety, one drink leads to another and things may be regretted later.
  7. Do NOT run away or stand the person up. You are on the World Wide Web and eventually people will find out that you are a jerk for not stepping up to the plate. Plus, it is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.  Even if their picture doesn't quite match their physique and they are not perfect for you, be the better person.
  8. Be on time!  This goes along with tip number seven.  No one likes to sit in a spot alone waiting and wondering to see if the other person will show up or not.
  9. Keep the conversation basic and light.  Look for chemistry and how well the conversation flows in general.  Talk about what makes you laugh and the great movies, concerts and events you enjoy. 
  10. This is your moment to excel and feel confident.  You look good and you made all the right choices. Let the other person feel your unique energy. If you show off the best side of you, the other person has no choice to want to move to the "real" first date.


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