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Text Messaging Do's & Don'ts for Dating


Make sure you think before sending out that text message...

Text messaging has become an important part of our daily communications.  It has also made society become lazy and meaning can be quickly lost or miss-interpreted in 160 characters or less.

This type of talking has become very common in romantic prospects.  It seems to be a great way to "test" the waters to see if you get a text reply or not. If no one responds to your short blip, only a little money lost; your integrity is still in place.

Here are some helpful tips for getting your message across without wasting a dime:

  • Do be respectful - always keep the text message positive.
  • Do make it meaningful - tell the person something they need to know.
  • Do take responsibility - you are spending both persons money, make it worth it.
  • Do it sparingly - pick up the phone. Even though this communication style is easy, there's still nothing like your voice to define the real message.
  • Don't take out your anger or frustration in a text message - it's written in stone.
  • Don't send a text message to the wrong person - it's so embarrassing.
  • Don't bombard the other person with a million text messages - you are annoying.
  • Don't be offended if you are not getting an instant reply - it's not about you.
  • Don't let friends text message for you - keep your phone under control.
  • Don't drunk-text - just as horrid as drunk-dialing, you feel like an idiot.

Text messaging can be a fun and easy to communicate in short-form.  It should never be used as a means to skirt around a topic that needs personal attention.  If you want to meet someone at a certain location and are running late, it's a great method to be respectful and let that person know.  If you want to flirt and be originally funny, that's great too; as long as the other person is on the same page.  If they don't respond to your initial text message, stop sending them immediately and do not take it personally.  Remember that your date may be getting text messages from ten other people saying the same things as you are.



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