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The Best Christian Dating Sites

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by has over Half a million Christian members worldwide!

Religion defines how we live our lives. Dating sites on the internet cater to the international community with different religions that make determining compatibility a difficult matter. So wouldn't it be a better idea for Christians looking for that sought after soul mate to know which sites to search? Here are some of the best Christian dating sites on the web.

  • is one site worth exploring. This site has a large number of clients and it offers their dating services for free. A single Christian needs to register and enter some Information, upload his or her photo and will already be on the list for matching. It is touted as the most popular dating site for Christians. Pictures of Christian clients who are currently online are displayed, making it easier for one who is interested to interact online.
  • is another site to check out. It gives a ten day free trial. Registration is needed as usual. Success stories of matches that made it to the altar are shared as proof that it works.
  • is an internet site that matches with preference for religions. The client specifies if he or she would be matched to a Christian. If the user specifies the type of Christian sect, e-harmony obliges. Say for instance, you would like to be matched to a Catholic Christian and lo, you get what you want. This site boasts of a 29 compatibility criteria that is determined by a questionnaire once a client logs on. A monthly subscription fee is usually charged. However, free communication weekends give users a chance to log on for free.
  • is also a site with a Christian version. It is just like the previous sites where Christians of all denominations register for a match to be found. A good thing for this site is that it gives their services for free. Christians of any sect or group are welcome here. When registering, the user specifies the Christian sect of a match he or she would like to meet. This site boasts about people who found that much sought-after soul mate, who share testimonials on how it worked for them.
  • is considered as one of the oldest online site for Christian singles to meet their soulmates. It had been established in 1985. Their success stories had been written about in print and in broadcast in radio and television. is another great free online dating site for Christians.
  • is yet another online dating site for Christian Singles. The site specifically is promoted as a site for searching for a Faithmate, hence the name. Its strength lies in matching singles based on their shared values. It boasts of 37,000 current members. Members pay a subscription fee for using the service.

So there you are. There are still numerous other websites out there. To find the best Christian dating site that fits your specifications, why not try some of them, rate them as reference for other Christians like you looking for that ideal partner, and choose the site which works well for you. It might not be long before you find your soul mate. With these sites, your soul mate is just around the corner.



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