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The Secret to Successful Long-Distance Relationships

How to make a long distance relationship work.

It's not always easy, but you can make a long distance relationship work if you are commited to it.

When you fall in love with a person who lives thousands of miles away from you, you must make sure that you are prepared for its challenges. But don’t despair. There are different creative ways that you and your partner can do to maintain your emotional connection despite the distance. Here are a few ways you can strengthen the bond and make your long-distance relationship work.

Set the Parameters

At the onset, take the time for you and your partner to talk about what your relationship will be and how you envision it to be. Are you exclusively dating or engaged? You might also want to talk about whether or not either one of you are willing to relocate if the relationship becomes more serious. This way, you both are on the same page and understand your expectations of each other.

Trust in Your Partner

Trust is the foundation to successful relationships, long distance or not. The issue of trust is more crucial for long-distance relationships than regular ones. You must be willing to trust and be trusted. If you’re always worrying whether or not your partner is cheating on you, then you might consider having someone nearer.

Communicate Creatively

Long distance relationships have more to offer because you need to get more creative than the regular phone call. When the phone call gets old, you can email, instant message, text message, or even use a webcam so that you can see your sweetheart. Surprise your partner with flowers and gifts sent long distance. Watch a movie at the same time and talk about it afterwards. You can also pursue the same hobby separately and talk about your experience.

Another good way to maintain communication is to set an alarm on your watches when you can think about each other. It’s a romantic gesture that both of you will enjoy immensely. If you can afford it, visit your loved one more often so that you’ll look forward to a time when you can hold each other.

Long distance relationships may take more effort for both of you, but its rewards are greater than a regular relationship. You can both maintain your individuality and still be part of a couple. And when the time comes when you can be together, you’ll enjoy getting to know your partner over and over again. 


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