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Things to Consider Before Dating Your Best Friend


You’ve noticed that you have feelings for your best friend and you’ve been agonizing over and over again if you should tell him or her about it. You’ve spent sleepless nights trying to decipher your feelings for each other and wondering if it would turn out well if both of you would start dating.

Dating your best friend can be a very risky decision. It may either be the end of a good friendship if it results in rejection, or it could turn out to be the perfect relationship you’ve been craving for all along. How do you find out? Well, before telling him or her about your feelings, here are some things to think about.

  1. Think long and hard about the depth or seriousness of your feelings toward him or her. Would it be worth risking the friendship? Do you really think that you would have the potential to commit to each other as a couple? Make sure that your feelings are much more than the ordinary crush or infatuation.
  2. Find out if your best friend feels the same way. To lower the chances of rejection, it would be better if you first establish your feelings for one another. Observe your recent behavior toward each other. Have you been openly flirting with one another? Has he or she shown more affection than usual? Have you both touched on topics about dating or being a couple? If so, then these may be positive indicators that your best friend feels the same way. However, make sure not to assume or misread his or her actions, as there are some situations that may be misleading.
  3. Think before you act. Give some time to think about everything before letting him or her know about your feelings. Don’t rush. The more time you give into contemplating on your next step, the wiser you will be in deciding how to deal with the situation.
  4. Be ready to accept rejection and know how to deal with it. You have to be prepared for the actions to take if everything did not go as you expected. Rejection may hurt, and this may do damage to the friendship as well. So be prepared with what to say and know what you would do about the friendship if this happens.
  5. Seek advice from others. Talk to people who have had experiences in this area. Chances are, they will be willing and able to share information that will be very valuable. They can tell you about things to consider that you may not have thought about yet. Doing this would also give you some insight into the actual results that may arise and on actual situations of people who have dealt with the same dilemma.
  6. Think about the pros and cons before finally deciding to do that first move. Bear in mind that there are risks that go together with the courage to come out with your feelings. Hope for the best but be prepared to deal with the unpleasant things that may happen if things turn out wrong. However, it may all be worth it if things go well. Who knows, he or she may be the soul mate you were looking for all along.


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