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Things to Consider Before Tying the Knot


Moving on to marriage is something that we are all looking forward to. But this is not an easy decision to make. Love is not the only binding thing that keeps a couple together and makes a marriage stronger. Tying the knot will not solve your problems but it will just aggravate the situation. If you are sure that you are deciding on the right thing, consider these things when asking yourself if you are really ready.

Values (Family, Religion, Politics, etc). Do you have the same values and do they fit together? These things are really important when building your own family. If you have the same set of values and they intertwine together then it will be easier to pass these values to your future children. But if not then you both have to make some adjustments before you ready finalize your decision in tying the knot.

Money. Are you planning on having separate bank accounts or are you creating one that you will both share? This is one common problem that couples nowadays face. Knowing how the both of you will handle your finances will be able to lessen future possible problems that will concern money. 

Children. Have you discussed if you would like to have children? How many? Children are the most important thing in building a family. Though some people would opt not to have kids, this should be a joint decision between the couple. Should the both of you not agree on this then there might just be a big problem.

In-Laws. Can you put up with his relatives? Can he put up with yours? The family plays a very important role in deciding in tying the knot. You will not only marry the person that you are with but you will also marry into the family of that person. If you are having difficult times now that you are still in the relationship, marrying into that family will not make it better. It’s always easier if the family likes you and vice versa.

Marriage is not something that could be decided on overnight. It takes time and critical thinking if things would actually work out. It’s not just based on love even if that’s the first factor that you have to consider. Well I guess when you truly love someone you will try to break the barriers that may cross your path. After all, loves conquers everything.



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