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Flirting is a very important part of social expression. Flirting makes people feel attractive and special. This type of interaction fuels mankind's desire to attract members of the opposite sex (or the same sex) into choosing us over others for a partnership; the better the flirt, the bigger the prize.  Unfortunately, people can't use the traditional taught and tried methods in today's online world. This causes a dilemma because a virtual world is not a long trial and error practice, like the real world is.

So, how do you flirt in a virtual environment? Luckily, the rules are pre-set for most dating sites.  The gurus at the major dating sites decided that the virtual "wink" is the best way to show someone you are interested in their photo or what they have to say in their profile.  If the recipient "winks" back, you have the foundation for a flirt-a-thon.  To take the next step in an online "flirt-a-thon" you need to set the stage with a simple message like, "How are you?" After you get a reply, rest assured, it's "game on!"

To enrapture the recipient flirt-like, send messages totally out of left-field like, "What are you wearing?"  This sends a signal to the other person to respond in a manner that is not traditional.  This works well when a woman imitates because a man is not accustomed to being asked these types of questions.  When you are online, there are no rules so anything goes. When a woman initiates a question of wonder, it is an instant attention getter.

After the response is acquired, you need to take the conversation in the direction you want it to go.  If you were to go into a sexual dialogue, then it's taking that in the direction you intend to and finishing with what you intend to finish.  Longer term flirting involves getting the other person to keep responding by creating a sense of mystery and enchantment.  You can do this by asking questions and giving answers that are whimsical. You can co this by being creative with your words and positioning them thoughtfully and before you know it, the recipient is asking for more and more. 

Flirting is based on creating a feeling inside you that flows out the other direction. By using your words wisely, it is possible to create a flirtatious virtual environment where both parties can feel energy, keep it going and get the same stimulation as in real life but only if you do it consciously.



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