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Top 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman


We women know that men sometimes have the foot-in-mouth disease, especially when talking to a woman, and more especially one you are romantically involved with. There are a million things that men should not say to a woman, and sometimes (well, most of the time) they’re really just little things that, when heard, can really annoy the feminine species and get them into a bad mood in less than a second. Especially if it is a teeny bit true! Its about time men became more sensitive with the stuff they say, because they know we ladies can get a bit touchy sometimes.

1. “You look like you’ve gained a little weight.”

Watch out! This is one of the most insensitive things men can say to a woman. It’s as if you just said that she’s fat. Don’t expect her to be all warm and caring after saying this one out loud.

2. “You’re overreacting again.”

Whether she is really overreacting or not, this one will just get her more annoyed! It’s bad enough that you underestimate our feelings, but saying it out loud will just give us all the more reason to be really irritated with you.

3. “You and your mom could be sisters!” while looking at a recent photo of them both.

This is just going to tick her off, even if you innocently didn’t mean anything by it. She just hears that you see her as someone older than her age, and that, for most women, is inexcusable.

4. “My ex was…”

We don’t want to hear anything whatsoever about your ex. Period.

5. “Is that what you’re wearing?”

She comes out of her bedroom feeling all fabulous from hairline to high heels, and this is what you ask her? Well, she probably won’t be wearing the outfit anymore, as you’ve now totally infuriated her to not want to go anywhere anymore with you.

6. “You look a little tired…”

We’ve just gotten out from the office and met you for a quick date, and this is what you greet us with? You think that you’re just simply commenting on a small, stifled yawn or that not-so-perky mood, but no. What we hear is “You’re so not attractive and I don’t even know why I’m with you right now.”

7. “Isn’t there anything else to eat?”

Even if you didn’t mean to annoy us, even if you just innocently wanted fried chicken, for whatever excuse you say when you see the irritated look on our face, it just means that what we heard was: “The food sucks.” Well, go get your own dinner then.

8. “You know what would really look good on you?”

Oh no, you don’t! Telling us that we’d look better in another outfit is not going to make us appreciate your advice. Because what we think you meant was, “You don’t look good.”

9. “Are you going to eat all of that?”

Whatever your intention was, we’d suddenly scowl, drop our spoon and not take in another bite. Of course we don’t want to get fat, but it’s even worse when you have to remind us, out loud, not to eat like a pig.

10. “You’re so hot!” on a first date

We like being appreciated, but this very forward quip on a first date just lets us think that you’re only after our body, and nothing else. 


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anonymous by ann on 8/5/2009
He he ! I like the comment "you and your mom could be sisters". A friend just commented that on facebook on a pic with my daughter and me. meaning I look as young as her... so I could be 22 not 52...WOW!!!!

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