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What Women Really Want in a Man


Ask any full blooded woman what she wants in a man and she will tell you - lies.

The reason for this is complicated; in all reality women know what they want, a fantasy. You can blame it on our parents. From the moment we were born, we were fed fairy tales every night before bed.  We were read countless books like "Sleeping Beauty" and "The Frog Prince". The thinking that men were fearless warriors or princes under their green exterior were embedded into our psyche; its no wonder we can't make it into the real world.

Maybe back in the day all we wanted a strong but sensitive guy, but as women starting getting real jobs and competing with men in the workplace, it became just as much of a challenge for us to tame the bad boys into submission as it was for the men to score a hot date.

Today's society has changed all of our roles and has changed women more than men. We have been equal if not greater meal providers and men are trying to adapt but slower. We want someone strong to take us away from all of this pressure and reassure us that we are special and they couldn't live without us but men can't see that and want attention when they want it. Competing in a society where we have to be the mother, the breadwinner and the partner is very difficult and a lot of men are intimidated by us. Men need nurturing and often at the end of the day, we just don't have the time or energy to do it. Where most people get hung up in dating is that the women want more from the men to create a balance for them emotionally and the men are looking for the perfect woman to lean on.  This creates a rift and either doesn't allow a relationship to form or pulls it apart.

There are no perfect people, and when men and women can balance the nurturing, that's when women will get what they really want and the men will get what they need.



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