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When Should I Introduce My Boyfriend or Girlfriend to my Parents?


Rest assured that introducing your significant other to your parents can't turn out any worse than in the movie Meet the Parents.

You know each other well enough and have been together for some months now. You feel comfortable whenever you’re with him or her, and feel as light as air when you kiss. You can talk about almost anything and still enjoy each other’s company. So, is it the right time to introduce him or her to your parents? Here are some situations and signs that the parent introduction is due (or long overdue, for some).

  • You feel that you’re both ready to deal with long term commitment.

You know that this relationship is serious and has the potential to last. You can still see yourself with him or her three, four or five years from now and still be very happy with what you have. If you’re pretty sure of this, then don’t hesitate bringing your significant other over to your parent’s house and have a short chat or lunch date with mom and dad.

  • Your family knows about your relationship.

Maybe you’ve talked about him or her at one of the family affairs or have mentioned him or her to your parents. Or maybe you’ve told them how great your significant other is and told some stories about the two of you. Probably, its time they see in the flesh who you’re talking about, and see for themselves how great that person is.

  • You feel that it’s the right time.

You feel like you’ve been together for long enough and are ready to seriously commit to each other for the long term, for rich or for poor. Maybe you’ve just been too busy to drop by your parent’s house or spend some time with the family. Well, perhaps its due time that your significant other be introduced properly to the family.

  • You’ve proclaimed your “I love you’s” to each other.

You’ve laid everything you feel out in the open for each other. You’ve talked about your dreams and goals and what you want five years from now. And you’ve said those three words that can change the relationship forever.

  • You’ve been together for not so long but feel totally right together.

It’s just been a few months but you already feel like you’ve known each other for years. Why not share the joy you feel with your parents? They’ll surely be happy for you.

  • You have concrete plans of tying the knot.

If you’re the guy, maybe you’ve already proposed; or if you’re the girl, you may now have a diamond ring on your finger. Well, what are you waiting for? Your parents may freak out if your fiancé/ fiancée is not introduced before the wedding bells ring.




anonymous by Anonymous on 1/12/2010
I have been tlking to this guy for four days now, and I really like him. We clicked instantly. I am introducing him to my family on Friday.
anonymous by Anonymous on 6/28/2010
Well I don't wanna tell my parents about him when it's already been a while. They'd think I was keeping something from then. But then again I only wanna bring him home if I know It could seriously last
anonymous by Brian on 6/26/2011
Guys listen up... Always let the girl introduce you to her family first. That way you will know she really likes you, and you're not too quick to think she's the one, when she doesn't really like you. Girls may also freak out if you try to introduce her to your family too quickly. So take a queue from her, and wait until you've met her parents before bringing her home to yours. It's the smartest thing you can do. Trust me... I speak from experience
anonymous by poohlein on 7/29/2011
ive meet my bf family and they are pretty nice... my family doesnt really know im dating him yet. i come from old skol parents who wants to protect there only girl. im 29 and im afraid to introduce him because my parents might critize or set curfews like im 15 or something and not 29. yes i do live with my parents and love them dearly but just afraid they would like my bf.
anonymous by Mohammed hauwa ikeoluwa on 9/7/2011
I use to have the same problem of how to introduce my boyfriend to my mum,but i finally got over it by getting advice and now we are preparing for our marriage,soonest. How happy i am,wow,i feel like im the most happiest on earth.

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