Single? Find Your Perfect Match

How to Find the Perfect Women

Where do I Find Ms. Right?

Still can't find Ms. Right because all the women with strikingly beautiful and delightful features are already taken?  Don't get weary my friend.  The gorgeous babes are everywhere!  And most of them are still alone, waiting for their knight in shining armor to take them out from the dungeon of their solitary world. It's only that you just don't know where to find them yet.

One way to meet women is through your chums.  Being a bachelor is a good thing because you have all the time in the world for yourself which means that you could hangout more often with your best buds.  Hanging out with them gives you the chance to be introduced and get acquainted with some of the Mademoiselles that they know.  Another good way to meet women is through your   kith and kin.  Your relatives also have friends that you may not know of.   So spend some time with your friends and family.  Go to parties and family gatherings.

Women in general go gaga for bags, accessories, jewelries, shoes and clothes.  And where can you find this stuff? At shopping malls of course!  Women love shopping!  Chances are when you hang around at malls the possibility of meeting somebody is great.   Try going to the boutiques or jewelry stores.  When you find somebody that captures your interest, approach her with confidence and let your charms work for you.  You could start with giving compliments like "that scarf brings out the beautiful color of your eyes" or "you'll be the most captivating woman in that party if you are to wear that dress" or "that diamond necklace looks good on you".  If she returns your compliment with a smile, try to get her into a conversation with you by offering to carry her bags and ask her for a cup of coffee or lunch.  If you think you've had a great day with her, you could ask for her number and take her out to a more romantic dinner date.

If you are the type of guy who prefers women of prominence, then you should consider going to charity and auction events or art galleries, shows and exhibits.  You don't have to be a hardcore art pieces or antiques lover just to get an erudite woman's attention.  A bit of knowledge about some of the master pieces in the art gallery is enough to start a conversation.  The parks, theatres, discos and night pubs are the places for you to go if you are more into simple and outgoing women.  Colleges and Universities are places that harbor women of intelligence.  If you are looking for somebody that you could have a smart talk, going to colleges and universities would be of advantage.  And talk about those gorgeous sorority girls!

Are you a homebody?  Do you prefer to say at home in front of your computer?  Then online dating might spell fun for you.  Cyber dating is the fad nowadays and this is the easiest way to find beautiful women not just in your own locale but internationally!  You could go for Asian, Caucasian or Latin women.  All you have to do is browse the internet and sign up for a reputable dating site, create a profile and voila! You are all set.



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