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Why Do Women Date Assholes?

by Penelope

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No one ever wants to date an asshole. But why do women end up dating them? These women fall victim to the traps set by men who actually are not serious about having a relationship with them. These jerks include those who are only after sex and not really into anything long term. Maybe they are just bored with their current relationships that they need to find some diversion and they find women who can be just toys for them.

Rebound. Women who actually date these kinds of guys are the ones that just came from very abusive or hurtful relationships. They are still very fragile and they would actually not notice the traps that are being set that will just bring them more pain and misery. Men know that playing with this broken heart is the easiest time to get into a woman’s pants.

Money. This might not be true to all women but it is especially to those women who are abused and used by their men. They tend to cling to their men because the material things that they want in life is being provided by their men thus they just end up ignoring the fact that they are just being used as a toy. Most rich men (not all okay?) have the tendency to have lots of women because they know what these women want and they are able to give it to them, so women cling to them.

Power. Even though some men can be quite assholes but if they are in power and they have the ability to control things, women won’t care whether they are taken seriously or not. These are the types that may be classified as social climbers and are hungry for power. They will just ignore the fact that they are not being treated well as long as these women get what they want from these men. This way they form a mutual concession benefiting from what the other can give.

Nowadays, love isn’t the only thing that makes the world go ‘round. Women have learned to be oblivious to all the love and romance that they are supposed to be receiving from their men as long as they are able to get what they want and need. It doesn’t necessarily have to be material things but it is something that could give them the happiness that they are searching for.



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