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Why Don’t Guys Call?

Does he like me or not...

It's not always easy waiting for your phone to ring.

After that very first date, you’re expecting a follow up call from your guy. You wait patiently for a call from him, but he seems to have forgotten about your last date together. You try to fight the urge from calling him because you don’t want your guy to think that you’re so into him. You keep waiting, but he never calls. You ask yourself why didn’t he call? Men are not as complicated as women, so figuring out the real reason why he is not calling is something that should alarm you, or maybe not? Here are some several reasons why he still hasn’t called.

He is trying not to seem so into you. He might have loved your date or your romantic evening together and he doesn’t want to give you the idea that he is so into you. A guy would want to save some for his own ego. So showing you his feelings from the beginning might not be a good idea thus allowing some time before actually calling you back.

He is nervous. He probably likes you a lot so he might be nervous that if he calls right away, he might ruin the great evening together and let it linger some more before deciding to call. This is his way of not making a fool of himself by fumbling or stuttering while he is talking to you over the phone.

He does not want to lead you on. He might actually like you, but not in a romantic way. He might just want to be a friend so calling you right away after a date might give you the wrong signal and end up ruining the chances of the two of you becoming good friends. So he will take his time and not call you right away so by the time that he does, memory of the last time you spent together might already be forgotten.

He’s just not into you. This might be the harshest reason why he didn’t call, but this might be the closest to reality. If he doesn’t call even after a few days then you might not be the one that he is looking for, or that he’s not into you. It’s plain and simple and you don’t need special powers to figure that one out.

Men are simple beings and the sign that they give out to women are not that hard to decipher. Its either he likes you or not and you would just have to wait and see what other signal that he sends aside from not calling you back. Don’t complicate things by thinking about something in between. Always remember that with men, it’s just a yes or a no.



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