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Why Men Cheat


Every man or woman who is in a relationship will, at one point or another, experience worrying or thinking about the faithfulness – or unfaithfulness – of their partner. When a person is in a relationship, the fear that his or her partner will cheat on them will almost always be there. And seemingly, as it was before, the person who usually cheats in a relationship is – you guessed it – the man.

Why do men cheat? Many studies and theories have been formulated to answer this ultimate question. Many have come up with various triggers and elements that can push a normally faithful man to give in to temptation and have an affair. Here are some of the reasons:

  • The most common reason that experts say is that the man’s needs aren’t being met in the relationship. Thus, they get the idea that going beyond the boundaries of their relationship is the answer. But sooner or later, they realize that they’re wrong.
  • Some men simply do not know how to respect the limits of their commitments. They know that there are boundaries; they just don’t think twice before going over them.
  • A number of men who have low self-esteem get a boost when they see that someone new notices them and cares about them, making them more willing to engage in an affair.
  • A sudden change in status may also be one trigger that pushes men to give in to temptation.  For example, a promotion to a very high rank at work (coupled with the increase in his paycheck), may lead him to think that he is invincible and is now immune to any of the consequences of his actions.
  • Some men are merely thrill seekers who can’t seem to turn down the opportunity to get a kick out of the ordinary daily routine. The fact that they are about to do something forbidden makes it all the more appealing for them to delve into an affair.
  • Another common reason is that men cheat because their partners no longer have time for them or no longer make them feel special and loved. Thus, they venture outside of the relationship, having the belief that another person can give them the attention they crave for.
  • Sometimes, some men may feel like the least of the priorities when it comes to family and the kids. Because of the time and attention the kids require from his wife, the husband could tend to feel lonely and be more vulnerable to temptation.

Whatever the reasons, men tend to cheat because they have the wrong belief that sidestepping the boundaries and going beyond the limits of their relationships will solve their problems or satisfy some aspects of their personalities or characters.



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