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You’re Dating a Man, Not a Woman


You’ve just about had it. Your boyfriend and you have had the umpteenth argument about how insensitive he could get whenever you’re trying to talk to him about where you are in your relationship. And didn’t he forget that you love pistachios, NOT cashews? You’re hurt and disappointed and you’re seriously thinking about breaking up with him. Hold it! Before you call it quits, read this article first. It could be that you’re expecting too much from your man. Remember, you’re dating a man, not a woman. Here are the three ways men and women differ.

How Insensitive!

Women often marvel at how insensitive to their needs men can get. It’s not really about being insensitive, but men who have higher levels of testosterone are more emotionally insensitive and oblivious to the distress of others. Women, on the other hand, are more sensitive to the need of others because they are more receptive to danger, threat, or changes in behavior. So if you’re really bothered by something he has done and all you do is mope around hoping that he’d realize what he’s done, you’re doing it all wrong. You have to directly tell him what’s bothering you because men are not mind readers.

You Forgot, Again?

Women are horrified whenever their man couldn’t remember the first time they met, while they can recall these kinds of events in vivid detail.  Don’t worry about it. Women can remember the emotions behind the experiences. They are good at recalling events which have a common emotional theme. Men, however, recall the activities and other elements involved in the memories. They tend to remember competitive and physical events more.

We Have A Problem

The way men and women approach problems are also different. While women concentrate on the process of solving problems, men are more inclined to concentrate on the best solution. Men do not care about talking through a problem because they think that problems are a way to show how competent they are. Women, on the other hand, think that problems and the way you work it out is more important because they strengthen relationships.

Regardless of advances in the equality issue, men and women have fundamental differences at perceiving and acting on a certain situation. Understanding these differences between the two sexes can be the foundation to a more harmonious relationship. Remember, you’re not dating a woman, but a man and a man can think and act about a certain situation differently from you. The more you accept this fact, the more understanding you will be with your partner.



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