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Please fill out the information below. We will use the information that you send in this application to narrow down the field of applicants for a final selection process.

We will be selecting 5 applicants for the final selection process. We will be accepting applications in the coming days and narrowing the field of applicants down to 5. The position will officially begin when a finalist is choosen.

A quick note: Our philosophy is to find people who not only love to write, but LOVE what they are writing about. Consistent writing is one of the most difficult human tasks, and we feel that over the long haul, the key is to enjoy and feel passionate about the topic on which you are writing. Our ideal candidate will be someone who 1) Loves to write, 2) Knows 'how-to' do things 3) Is excited about the idea of sharing his/her wisdom with the world and 4) wants to take a personal role and give creative direction to the website while turning it into something special and distinctive.

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Do you consider yourself a workaholic? Do you think there is anything wrong with being a workaholic?

Propose 5 article titles that you would like to write.

What topics are your favorite to write about?

If the site were to eventually generate enough income to pay a full salary, could you envision yourself as the lead editor?

Have you ever used blogging software before? Do you know HTML?

What do you consider to be your greatest writing accomplishment? Either paste text or URL to text

How do you plan to help the site increase its profit?

Do you prefer to receive instructions for what to write or are you self-motivating?

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