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Nowadays, everybody wants everything fast and easy. Signing up in online social sites like makes meeting someone with the same interests, age, location and even astrological signs easier and more concrete. With a large number of sites offering the same services, one must consider several things that will give the bang for your buck. Signing up on sites like will require a certain amount of investment of yourself and your time. In order to find the perfect match” investing an ample amount of time to find a date would is needed.


Registering in this site can take several minutes because of the specific questions that you must answer in order to complete your entire profile. The questions were all about your Lifestyle Habits, Education Level, Ethnicity, Work, Religious Background and the usual personal information like Username, Password, Email Address, Home Address and a Basic Description of yourself.

Answers for these questions require a combination of clicking on checkboxes, buttons and text boxes where you can write more about what you want to say. During the first step of the registration, a Primary Profile Picture would be asked to be uploaded before proceeding to the validation steps and confirmation of the account. An anti spam code will be asked to encoded to ensure that real people are registering to the site.

Completion of the Profile

Upon completing the registration, you will be asked to complete your profile. Again, this will take time because the things that you answered in the registration part will be included in the more specific questions that you will need to answer. Although you are not really required to answer everything, it is better to do so because it will add to the specifications that the site will need in order to match you with the perfect person.

This part includes questions about your Lifestyle, Physical Information, Personal Background, Personality, Interests and Relationships. Several photos are also asked to be uploaded so it will also be featured in your profile. These things will allow people to be filtered so you get more specific results.

Matching and Searching

As soon as you complete your profile, you will be directed to your homepage where several profiles that match your description will be displayed so that you can start browsing from hundreds of profiles that matches the information that you have previously entered. There is a Member Spotlight section for those who have already paid to be a member, thus gaining more advantage as compared to those who have free accounts.

There are buttons that you can click on if you want to say YES, MAYBE or NO to that specific profiles that are displayed right your own homepage. Clicking on a yes will automatically save that profile on the side bar of your homepage that will allow you to view the profile instantly whenever you want to check it. When searching for a profile several options are given to you like the Quick Search, Your Matches, Photo Gallery, Look Up Member and the Preferences option. These options allow you to choose how you want to search for that perfect match.

Ease of Use

It is quite easy to navigate on this site because everything has been properly labeled and categorized. For example, on the left hand side of the homepage, a clickable menu can be found. This area has been categorized as Members Who’ve: Emailed You, Hot Listed You, Flirted With You, IM’d You, Viewed You and Sent You and E-Card.  This area shows the number of people who have done these things on your profile and just by clicking on it, you will be able to see their profiles.  There is also a section for you that labeled as Members You’ve: Emailed, Hot Listed, Flirted With, IM’d, Viewed, Blocked and Sent an E-Card to. These labels are also clickable and profiles can be viewed through these links. It is fairly easy to use the site even if you are not tech savvy.


This site features an IM (Instant Messaging) like sound effect when somebody wants to chat with you so even if you are browsing other windows you will easily find out if there’s a possible chat mate waiting. A Toolbar can be downloaded so you can get instant messages and this is a good feature because you don’t have to keep on logging in to get access to the messaging system.

Having a number of good points allows to have a certain advantage over other sites that just offer mere pictures, messaging features and a basic profile page. Though it requires quite an ample amount of money to get started, meeting someone that satisfies your preferences is quite high. Overall, this site has really good potentials and will definitely be worth your money and time.

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