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“Love and Romance for Latinos Worldwide,” is the catchphrase of the web site, a superb online dating site designed for Latinos in any part of the globe. Translated into English, the dating site means But the goal of this dating site is more than making friends. If you are searching for the love of your life, or want a serious relationship or maybe marriage and specifically someone of your ethnic background, this is the place where you should be.


Written in bold letters on the homepage of this site are “8,341,329 members worldwide!” You’d be surprised if you are outside the USA that the membership count in your country is displayed!


Since the expected members would be Latinos, the site is also in Portuguese and Spanish.

The best feature, prominently displayed on their homepage, is an invitation to webcam chat.  Chat, instant messaging and local groups are displayed at the left hand column. So if you’re already a member, it would be very easy to utilize these features upon login. Truly, you can make a fast connection. You can go straight to video chat, instant messaging and blogs or even to groups. 

This is one dating site with a friend network as a feature. You can invite friends, connect and gain more friends, post interesting news in bulletins and view your friends’ bulletins; additionally, you can view all new albums.

For the chat feature, you can do an instant messenger chat, flash chat, or download their IM software and deepen that relationship with your choice of chatting.

The video feature includes viewing other members’ videos, and you can upload your very own video.

The chat rooms are very impressive, categorized into geographical locations in any country in the world, while the topical chat rooms include the living room, poolside, soccer, romance room and the cantina. You see members who are actively chatting when you access this feature and you’d be tempted to join the fun.

One downside of this dating site, even with its great features, is the absence of a personality test that would gauge your compatibility to your match. Maybe, the high-tech features are enough to balance the omission of this important feature.


Creating a profile is easy and basic information about you is gathered such as birthday, username, age, location and other physical characteristics. You are invited to write something about yourself. On your profile page are navigation keys that introduce you to excellent features of the dating site. Easily utilize these features to edit your profile, upload your photos, record your videos and voice introduction, manage your photos and videos, and cupid settings. If you are indeed serious in searching for that someone, these features can assist you in judging the person you’re interested in. They give you a real picture of your match and vice versa.

Matching and Searching

Members viewing others’ profiles can send winks and e-mails. From there you can wink back, send an e-mail or start chatting right away using the private chat rooms. Or even at that stage, you can record a voice message and send it, or invite him or her to join your network of friends. There is no rule to start a connection with winks then progress to e-mails. You can use any feature that you prefer. These features for searching make fast connections and the site really delivers its promise.

Matching can be done by the site. Specify your criteria based on physical characteristics, religion and the like. The site sends your matches to your e-mail based on those criteria. Or, you can choose your match then the site posts your compatibility score with your chosen match profile. Again, the system involves very basic criteria. A better matching system is recommended that should employ core values as criteria.

Ease of Use

Despite its high tech features, the site is very easy to utilize. Navigation keys are present in every page to guide you to enjoy the dating site to the fullest.

Customer Service and Cost

The cost for a 12 month subscription is cheap at $12.99 per month.

There are two types of membership, Gold and Silver.

Gold entitles you to view, contact members, show up at the very top in searches, be the first to contact new members, get full access to members’ recorded video introductions, full access to blogs, groups, and magazine features, access to extra large photos, access to ICQ, AIM,YIM and MSN ID’s of members in your network. However, the price is steep.

If you opt for silver membership, you can view and contact members, show up after Gold members in searches, contact new members, access members’ recorded videos, partial access to blogs, groups and magazine features.

Both memberships have round the clock phone support.

A standard or free member can only create his or her profile and cannot utilize all features of the dating site.

In Summary is an online dating site designed for Latin communities the world over. It has excellent features such as instant messaging, webcam chat, audio introductions, recorded videos and other terrific features that make online dating an exhilarating experience.  Creating your profile is easy and fun.  Searching for matches is a splendid experience all because of its first rate features.


From a score of 1 to 5 with 1 as the lowest score and 5 as the highest score the site is rated as 4.50, specifically the demographics: 4.5, features: 4.75, profiles: 4.5, matching and searching: 4.25, ease of use: 4.50 and customer service and cost: 4.5.

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