Single? Find Your Perfect Match Review   [visit site] Review is the new kid on the block in the world of internet dating, but with a cyber pedigree.  The site was launched as a sister site of sorts for in February of 2006 and it is definitely more relationship driven than its derivative site.  If the websites and concepts of and Eharmony were put into a blender with an Anthropology PhD, the result would be


What is the upside to this blended frappe of a website?  For those who are more interested in finding a long term relationship rather than taking the "play it by ear" approach the benefits are all of the experience of the industry leader coupled with a more focused and serious goal.  Personality surveys that make matches suited for compatibility rather than having matches chosen by correspondence to each member's laundry list of check marks promote an environment conducive to finding that true love.  But the benefit of the site setup and ease of use is a great feature as well.

Profiles & Matching profiles are set up and matches are made based on a personality test that can take up to an hour.  The initial test may make you scratch you head at first, but keep going.  The results of the personality evaluation were surprisingly accurate.  The basis of the matches is mostly personality compatibility, in a formula designed by Dr. Helen Fisher.  Of course, personal preferences are factored in as well and the use of a sliding scale for indicating the importance of personal preference is an improvement on most site's formula of basically having an important/not important option.


The site itself is fairly standard. Communication is generally initiated with one person "noticing" the other, and proceeds along to email, etc. The fact that it is geared towards those seeking long term relationships is reflected in their "four stage communication process" which guides you along towards meeting someone-and doesn't let people be pushy. From both parties indicating interest, to identifying what is essential in a relationship to each and short answers to email and then a first meeting-which does make it sound a bit like a job interview.  Personally, I would prefer to know if someone is pushy or overly ardent before meeting them in person and having them possibly know where I live, so the "nudge" limiting can be seen as a drawback.


Demographics and popularity of the site are both growing.  The site boasts 3.7 million members, or roughly 1% of the US population.  While this seems like a lot of options, but I found that 40% of my matches were up to an hour away, and that's with living in very well populated area.  The vast majority of the subscribers are in the 30-49 age bracket, with a growing number in the 50+ set.


For those looking for a real, healthy long term relationship is about as well thought out as a dating site can be.  The only real drawback is that more people on the site would make for more convenient dating.  But since it is growing faster than any other dating site, that becomes less significant with each passing day.  It is a little on the pricey side, but if you are really serious about meeting someone wonderful spending a few extra dollars will be well rewarded by meeting really compatible people.

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by mithral on 9/1/2009 subjected me to an untwated billing renewal after I discontinued the service and they would only give half my money back. I will never use this dating site again.

Good security initially. Average in all otherways. VERY expensive for what you get compared to similar services.

Got lots of matches at first, but then figured out most of those matches were old and/or deactive. Once I started getting matches they were the same people I saw on the local free dating pages.

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