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ChristianSingles Review  

Are you a serious Christian discouraged from searching for that Christian soul mate with the same religious values and orientation as you? Take heart,, a Christian Dating Network, proudly proclaims, that it is an online site for “Christian Dating dedicated only to Marriage-minded Singles.” Additionally, it declares, “Faith is a foundation of any strong and long-lasting relationship” and it claims to “provide an environment for people to build a relationship based on that foundation.”

Indeed, this is one online dating site that calls itself Christian and seriously delivers on its promises. So if you are a serious Christian looking for marriage with that hard-to-find Christian soul mate who shares your own Christian values and commitment, this online dating site is the best place for you!

Demographics was established in 1995 and operated by Christians. Members are not a million. On the contrary, this works best for the site as regards to its Christian orientation.

To be accepted as a member, one should be a Christian, legally single, and marriage oriented. Members are approved manually and not automatically. Moreover, the site is heterosexual as expected of a Christian online dating site. With these strict criteria, it is therefore expected that subscribers to would not number by the millions.

It is more like an exclusive site for deeply committed Christians hoping for a potential Christian mate with family oriented values. The site is concerned to be portrayed as such and seriously so to be a genuine Christian online dating site. So what is important is not numbers but the quality of subscribers that would be successful in their quest for Mr. and Ms. Right and consequently tie the knot at the altar.  


Upon joining you are asked your name, date of birth, address, gender (it is emphasized that if you are male you are looking for a female and vice versa, as opposed to homosexual dating sites), your Christian denomination, race, some or your personal characteristics, hobbies, activities, types of music and reading materials you prefer and other preferences, educational status, and what you do for a living.

You have to define the characteristics of the person you would like to be matched with such as age group, personal preferences and areas of interest. You are requested to write a personal essay about yourself with a corresponding title. Just before you are done, you have to upload a close-up photo of yourself.

These are all very basic for an online dating site. But the site offers you some tips on the best photo you should upload, how it should look like and how it should be taken so as to show the very best of yourself. The site makes it a point to post pictures of members on their home page.  Looking at those pictures, they all look so good. Probably this is because their tips are very helpful and really work. Not many sites offer this service.

Your profile and whatever you have written about yourself is fully displayed including your pictures and your blog. This is a good way of introducing yourself initially to others and generating interest and attraction. A member can display a maximum of 10 pictures at a time.

You can update your essay on yourself or change your photo anytime you wish.    


Entering the site is fast and easy. The home page is one delicate page and attractively colored pastel blue. To join, simply hit the Join button. A set of questions await you and navigation is quite fast.

At the top right side is the login and password query. At the left side, pictures of active members are displayed and opposite the pictures are written the new members as they join. As with every online dating site, successful members have posts of their testimonials.

The important features for communication with potential matches include a Chat room, audio chat, video chat, instant messaging and 3D chatrooms. However, these features can be utilized by members depending on their membership type. The audio chat and video chat features make connecting with a potential mate very easy, exciting and fun. Few sites offer video chats and audio chats.

An amusing feature to how crucially Christian it is, is that each subscriber should abide by their article of Faith and members should have this belief to ensure a universal value and belief as regards to Christianity. The site terminates membership if the articles of Faith are violated. It also terminates memberships of non-Christians who have misrepresented themselves as Christians.

Searching and Matching

Searching is uncomplicated. Pictures of members are displayed in the home page. Just a click and you navigate to the profile of the person you are interested in. Then communicate instantly through a wink, smile, or you can send an e-mail as an introduction of yourself. You can search as many profiles as you wish.

You can search for matches as based on their age and members are displayed for you to choose from and read their profiles. Then communicate instantly by e-mail, or chat by IM if the member is online.

Matches are sent to you. However, the site has no clear cut way of matching members with other members for compatibility. Members choose their matches. Though all members are Christians by religion which is one major core value in the compatibility area, other core values should be taken into consideration such as how would one face a crisis, honesty, integrity and the like.


Communication is easy. Members’ pictures are posted with the corresponding essay of themselves and their profiles.  Beside that communication tools include e-mails, send a smile, wink, IM, chat rooms, audio chat, and video chat.

A member can be contacted easily once he or she is online. This feature is very helpful for instant contact.

Customer Service

The site has a thorough help section to answer questions on utilizing the site from billing to your membership, from posting videos to creating your profile which is indeed very helpful to fully use all features for a nice online dating experience.


There are three packages offered by the site that differ in cost and the features that go with it. The economy package enables the member to use some of the features but not all of them.  VIP membership allows 4 audio and 4 video files to be posted. With video and audio chat offered, the cost might be worth it.


From a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 as the lowest and 5 the highest the site is generally  rated as 4 with details as follows, Features: 4.75;  Ease of Use: 4.5;  Profile: 4.00; Compatibility matching system: 2.75; popularity: 4.00; Cost: 4.00;  and Searching and Matching: 3.5.

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