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FastCupid Review  

“Meeting interesting people just got easier” is the catchphrase of  One gets to thinking what this online dating site is all about. Displayed at the left side of their home page are photos of their subscribers with catchy descriptions of their quirks, interests, peculiarities or even bizarreness. Subsequent pages display these at the bottom. It seems that every subscriber has an interesting, above average kind of life when portrayed in  Truly, it emphasizes the unique personal styles of their members and subscribers. So what really is this dating site all about?


The page itself boasts that the site has half a million subscribers. As of this writing, there are around 400,000 plus subscribers that one can search.

Due to its non-exclusivity, it is not uncommon that this dating site can reach half a million subscribers. It is not as excusive as a site like or so it explains the popularity of the site.


Just like your standard online dating site, it offers features that you can experience in other sites such as instant messaging and video introductions. Be sure to have a webcam because you will very likely use this feature regularly.

Members and subscribers can create an online friend network, join groups and write their blogs. Or they can get together and join forums and discuss anything that interests them.

Members can flirt with matches for free but e-mailing is reserved for subscribers.

One very helpful and interesting feature is the assistance in writing your introduction in your profile. You don’t need to break your head thinking of what you should be featuring in your profile to make it unusually interesting. does make it interesting. And you thought that this site is for single people endowed with above average IQ.

Unlike most online dating sites, you can upload as much as 20 photos! Nice isn’t it? So get a digital camera that can work well. It’s a plus that you can be viewed in so  many  angles and you can add photos of your pets, family, kids or your travel pictures. But the setback is if you are not a paid subscriber, your photo is just a tiny unnoticeable 1 inch fuzzy frame. Subscribers have their photos highlighted with their catchy introductory phrases giving the impression that their lives are oh-so-interesting.

One good thing about the site is their free personality test.  A member answers some 41 questions and voila! The site provides you with an analysis of your personality which turns out to be accurate in one aspect of your life at least.           

One very important feature that has is advice on online dating safety tips and when meeting offline. Subscribers heeding these pieces of advice come off safely from pleasant and safe dating experiences online and offline.                                  


Just like any online dating site, one who fancies online dating will have questions asked about himself or herself when creating his or her profile. Type your e-mail address as your login name then create a username. Your password would be sent to your e-mail pronto then logging in is a breeze.

Your name, address, birthday, gender, educational status are requirements. You are requested to write a catchy phrase for the headline of your dating personal. Then you write a short essay about yourself. This site has a unique feature of “writing ideas” which you can check for inspiration. That said, you don’t need to be a writer to make your answer stand out. The site has a quick editor that can actually write your ad or description. Choose an idea from a variety of beginning sentences on how you would introduce yourself. And you really thought this site is for intelligent and smart people!

The second page pertains to your personal information. Check from multiple choices what your religion is, if you smoke or drink or do recreational drugs, occupation and educational status, marital status, if you have children and if you would love to have children, and your willingness to relocate. Then you are asked to check as many of the listed interests that apply to you.

From there, you navigate to the page where you reply to inquiries on your physical characteristics such as gender, height, color of hair and eyes, body build, length of your hair, if you wear glasses, and race as well as your birthday which are all usually asked.

After these numerous queries, you are now ready to upload as many as 20 photos. You can always go back and upload more photos if you weren’t able to accomplish it easily at first. You can also update your profile.

Your location is important. This helps match you up to your preferences if you would like matches within only a 200 mile radius or even wider than that. This question is very helpful for those who would not like to relocate to another country.

Your additional details page actually asks details that would describe your personality and characteristics. They are categorized into quirks, ideals, philosophies, styles, work and living environment, interests, entertainment and dating. It takes knowing oneself to be able to answer this fast. Otherwise you would be stuck at that page. Some questions asked are: how would you describe your personality in a word or phrase, what was your most humbling moment, if you had a million what would you do right now and some other similar question. Admit it, they are somewhat fun to answer. These questions bring out your unique self and unusual characteristics that you would proudly want to tell the world.  

A distinctive personality type quiz is offered consisting of 25 required questions and 16 optional inquiries. Each question has answers on the degree of how much you would react to situations. One such question is “does my heart follow my brain” and the answers would be either “no way”, “not really”, “kind of”, and “yep totally”. From these responses, your personality is analyzed into introversion or extraversion. That is as easy as anyone can guess and identify with. However, each main type is further sorted out into 8 categories that are tongue twisters and difficult to fathom. That is to say that the world is populated into 16 personality types. Each category is then given a description and an icon.  It is a relief that the description is simple in language that any moron can understand and relate to.  This actually is another plus feature.

The eighth and last page is cunningly titled “Cupid preferences.” Check from multiple choices what kind of personal characteristics you’re looking for as to gender, for what kind of relationship, age, maximum distance, body type, race, education, marital status, religion, on smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and use of recreational drugs. Wanting and having children are queries added. This information is important for searches.

Matching and Searching

When members and subscribers are matched, the online dating site sends an e-mail to the member or subscriber alerting him or her that he or she has a potential match. Just like other dating sites searching for potential matches is easy. Simply enter the criteria such as age, gender, and location. An advanced search can be done with additional criteria.

Your profile page has navigation bars revealing the e-mails sent to you, who reviewed your profile, who hotlisted you, and who flirted with you and it depends on you to answer your potential matches.

Ease of Use

The features are a breeze to use, but some members report that at times you get stuck navigating the pages.

Customer service and Cost

Customer service is on call 24 hours a day if you are a premium subscriber. The costs are at par with other online dating sites. However, this site charges in US dollars but it is localized to your country’s currency.

Signing up is free like a membership status but you cannot access other subscribers through e-mail or know those who have viewed you. You can search potential matches and view their profiles and can flirt freely. Subscribing to Silver or Gold membership will allow a member to use all the features of the site such as profile highlights. Payments are done monthly or quarterly.

Summary and Rating dating site offers features just like any standard dating site such as e-mail, blogs, instant messaging and even video introductions. Subscribers can fully utilize all its features including highlighting of their profiles while members can only browse potential matches and flirt with them. Searching is done quickly with limited criteria. Some plus features are help in creating interesting and attractive profiles and the personality test can offer some guide and advice in choosing matches.

From a score of 1 to 5 with 1 as the lowest score and 5 as the highest score the online site is rated as 3. Specifically the demographics: 3, features: 3, profiles: 3.5, matching and searching: 2.5, ease of use: 3.5 and customers service and cost: 2.5.

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