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FriendFinder Review is the largest incarnation of the FriendFinder brand; which encompasses everything from the FriendFinder flagship and its multiple variations across the world to Senior FriendFinder (might need a little name tweeking on that one) to the deliciously notorious Adult FriendFinder.  The sites vary quite a bit from traditional dating sites and form more of an online dating community than an individual matching for serious dating.  The site essentially forms a middle ground between the Facebook or MySpace format and the format.

FriendFinder Review: A Comprehensive Look at Features, Profiles, and Communication

Introduction is the largest extension of the FriendFinder brand, which includes various sites like Senior FriendFinder and the infamous Adult FriendFinder. Unlike traditional dating sites, FriendFinder forms an online dating community, bridging the gap between social networking platforms like Facebook and dedicated dating services like


Creating a profile on FriendFinder is straightforward with minimal initial information required. While basic profiles may seem sparse compared to other sites, they can be expanded to be more descriptive. The lack of matching algorithms means users browse through profiles, which may not appeal to those who prefer automated matching. However, the browsing functionality allows significant filtering to find suitable matches, albeit similar to free social networks like MySpace.

Unique Features

FriendFinder stands out with unique features such as blog pages for subscribers, a rarity among dating sites. This feature allows users to showcase their personalities beyond the basic profile. Additionally, the site hosts articles and advice from professionals and members, with some member-contributed advice proving to be more practical and relatable than professional advice.


FriendFinder excels in fostering interaction with its vibrant chat rooms and active advice threads. Members can meet numerous people simultaneously and seek advice from the community. The quick and sincere responses in advice threads create a supportive environment, despite occasional hecklers.


With nearly 2 million members in the US and a balanced gender ratio, FriendFinder offers diverse browsing options and affordable membership plans. Its youthful user base ensures a dynamic and engaging experience. For those seeking a relaxed and casual environment to meet new people locally or online, FriendFinder provides a valuable platform at an economical price.

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