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Are you a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint Christians searching for a soul mate and a meaningful relationship with the same religious conviction? is a great online dating site for like-minded singles like you. The site had been launched in 2001 as a free online dating site but merged with LDS Singles Connection and today, it is the top dating site for Latter Day Saints singles to meet other members of the same faith. But anyone regardless of religious denomination is welcome. 


There are thousands of active members. The large member bases are found in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and internationally.


A personality test is the most significant and important feature of a dating site. In it was conceptualized by Dr. Hartman which color codes your type of personality. It explores the motives behind your behavior patterns or, in short, delves into your core values. Utilizing this test is easy, view members that match your color code, if you choose yes and the member’s profile has chosen yes, chances are it’s a good match! The site knows that in relationships, compatibility is based more on core values than on physical characteristics.

Other top features of are the chat room feature which includes instant messaging service so members can chat in real time, upload photos, send smiles, sparks and customized e-cards, favorites list, profiles of the week, and help topics.             

A nice and excellent feature is a message board with a variety of different forums such as age-specific forums, faith, pop culture, and anything on interesting events in life. Additionally, the site organizes events but this is limited to the USA only. This unique feature is not offered in most online dating sites where members get to meet each other outside of cyberspace.

It additionally includes a photo gallery, gift subscriptions, viewing people online, new members and an extensive profile, safety tips to have a great and safe dating experience online, and a good help section on how to make your profile attractive and eye catching. And, if you have found the one, you can share your success stories.

The features offered are quite basic but it can be improved by adding audio and video chat. Perhaps the meeting of members in the real world through organized events makes up for this absent feature.


Unique to Christian dating sites, in-depth profiles are created from physical characteristics, interests, personality and religious commitment. A user can answer interesting questions to reflect his or her total personality. As with other religiously-themed online dating sites, questions about faith are asked such as the degree of church involvement, temple status and mission. It takes your commitment to religion very seriously.  In turn, the site enables you to find a partner with the same religious fervor.

Searching and Matching

Performing a search on is easy. Use the Quick search tool and specify certain criteria for that search such as a specific member, gender, age, with or without photo, or keywords that have been written in the profiles such as church lover, romantic walks and others. Another way is to use the Advanced Search facility which is available to both basic and paid subscribers with the following specific criteria: location, height, ethnicity, level of education, marital status, body type, temple status, mission, church activity, children, and how recently you have joined.                                                           

Ease of Use                                       

Operating the features of the site is relatively easy. The registration and profile set-up is nice and you can get loads of help for that in-depth profile creation.

Customer Service and Costs

Initially, you can start as a free member where you can create your account and profile and upload your photo. However, to be able to send and receive messages, use chat and instant messaging services, post on message boards, send smiles, create customized e-cards and use other features, you have to be a paid subscriber.

Unlike other online dating sites, there is only one kind of paid subscription, which is affordable compared with other dating online sites. A month’s subscription costs $14.99, three months’ subscription is $35.97, and for six months it is $59.94.

An extra feature, dubbed “Standout”, makes your profile highlighted during searches and really makes you stand out among the rest.

In Summary

For members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the dating site is one of the best places where they can build relationships with other members. Excellent and significant features offered on this online dating site are the in-depth profile created by members with help from the site and a meaningful color-coded personality test. Nevertheless, the online dating site can be improved by adding features such as audio and video chat.


From a score of 1 to 5 with 1 as the lowest score and 5 as the highest score the site is rated as 4.00, specifically the demographics: 3.00, features: 3.5, profiles: 4.5, matching and searching: 4.00, ease of use: 4.50 and customer service and cost: 4.5.

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