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The largest dating site in the world is  They are reported to have 15 million members spread across 37 countries so the options available are pretty much endless.  Whether it is by reason of being one of the initial online dating sites or having great marketing, Match is the leader in the industry as far as volume goes.  And volume is a very high priority when it comes to an online dating site.  If there were only three people within a 50 mile radius, a site can not expect to get your subscription. has had almost 15 years to practice and perfect their formula, and for most of the subscribers it appears to that they have got the formula down pat.  From a huge number of subscribers, you invariably will find someone your compatible with on the site; to the well designed site to Dr. Phil; they have covered all the bases for helping you meet a great person.


If Match had nothing else except the large number of subscribers that it has attracted, that alone would differentiate it from most sites. But there's a lot more to the site than a lot of profiles to scroll through.  The profiles setup on has pretty much been copied by every site that followed.  But the site does have a keyword search, which many other sites don't, so if you are specifically looking for a fellow kite surfer or basket weaver you simply click and view, then send a wink to say "hi."  One other profile option that is handy is the ability to make your profile unsearchable, say if maybe you have met someone but you are not sure you quite want to give up your subscription yet.

Matching & Searching

With all the people to say "hi" to the matching and searching capabilities of the site come in handy. You are able to have multiple searches saved that you can click on when you are browsing, so whether you are looking for Mr./Miss Right or Right Now, you have menus for both. You can also change the order in which the profiles are shown, by login date, age and subscription date.  The sorting by login date is especially useful because getting excited over a profile and then seeing the person hasn't logged in for three months usually means they are off the market.  The site also has multiple matching options, using just your criteria, mutual matching or the personality tests.  The only drawback is with the personality tests it only works with the members that have taken them.  That in itself is actually a good indicator if you are on the same page with that person because those that are not looking to get serious generally don't take the tests.


Communication on the site is extremely easy for all subscribers, from winks to emails to chat.  One drawback that is visible, is that there appears to be a slight time lag between when users log out and when it is shown that they have logged out.  The receipt of a message from a lovelorn suitor wondering why you didn't respond to them can happen. The addition of Dr. Phil and the personality tests and relationship articles in the last few years has broadened the appeal of the site a great deal and the demographics of the site reflect that.  From fresh out of high school to recently retired, from college student to successful attorney the demographic includes basically everyone with a computer.


Overall, is just about the best online dating option for most people on the dating market.  The huge number of subscribers means that you will find everyone from people looking for a date for Saturday night to people looking for marriage.  The website has virtually no drawbacks as far as function and matchability and is easy and instinctual to use.  For the money and time spent on, you probably could not find better results.

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