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Mate1 Review  

Are you a woman seeking a man and vice-versa? Are you a man seeking another man, or are you a woman seeking another woman? Well, is for you. It lends a hand to both heterosexuals and homosexuals to find their mate.

Demographics online dating site is of one of the largest online dating sites in the web with over 25 million members and subscribers, like Its popularity is due to its non-exclusivity. This online dating site caters to ages 18 years old and above, internationally renowned with 200 countries within its reach, a non-denominational dating site, and generally easy to use. These are just some of the reasons why it is so popular.


Features include a profile page for all users complete with pictures, basic information including preferences. Once the profile is completed, a member can search other members, study their profiles and their pictures, can flirt by sending a smile or wink, or send an e-mail and use other features of the site.

Its best feature which is not available in any other online dating site is a 100 percent free voice recording that is displayed at the profile of a member or subscriber.

There are two categories of users: members and subscribers. Members usually can create their profile and upload their picture. They can browse other profiles and search and send e-mail, but cannot video chat.

Video chats are reserved only for subscribers, who are also called premium members. If a member has come to the point where he has narrowed down his choices to two or three people and would like to choose the final one, he has to upgrade to premium. The features are instant messaging, video chat through a web cam, and private messaging at chat rooms. Members are only allowed public chat.

Members and subscribers can easily browse who are online and instantly connect with the person. While browsing for a match, a winking message ONLINE NOW alerts one that the person is available for chat. With a click of the mouse, you are instantly connected and can now enjoy conversing.

Members come from all over the world. With this characteristic, has a feature where you can choose countries to block. If member from Nicaragua for instance contacts you but you have blocked members from that country, the contacting person cannot access you. This practical feature saves time if one is serious and determined to really come up with what he or she is searching for in a country of his/her choice. Not many online dating sites have this feature. This only shows that has really millions of members as it says in its ads.

Additionally, to help its members, the site has an online magazine that features tips on relationships and dating.

One setback of this online dating site is the profusion of advertisements. They pop up in almost every corner! If you are concentrating too hard, you might not even know that it is an advertisement!


The profile is simple to do.  When you hit the join button, the usual questions are asked. Your e-mail address, password and your user name. Each username is given a number. All usernames end in a number attached to your chosen username.

Creating your online profile, you are asked if you are looking for a man or woman or a man or woman looking for a person with the same sex. Then your age, ethnicity, height, body type, hair and eye color, social status, field of study, occupation, education, annual income, religion, and the like. You write a short essay about yourself and what you are looking for. As you continue you are asked about your lifestyle and interests which include your work habits, travel, sense of humor, politics and dietary habits. In this dating site, your sexual preference is asked and your choice is described explicitly.

39 items asks for your favorite thing like your favorite celebrity, artist, travel destinations and a lot more. Your least favorite things are also asked such as activities you avoid, or the food you dislike and your fashion crime. These are one word answers so you should be aware of your pet peeves. Then you are done.       

Next, you have to upload your photo which will take some time and will not be automatically posted. Requirement for the photo should be 1.5 MB and should not be copyrighted or that of a celebrity.

The data generated from these questions are then posted in your profile page where other members or subscribers can browse, read and judge. 

Matching and Searching

Searching for matches is easy. Click the  search button at your profile page and you are given choices whom to select by choosing criteria that includes  age range, ethnicity,  country   of origin, it includes elite, wealthy, educated and so on. Then when the criteria are set a page opens full of pictures of members that matches the criteria you chose.  Start browsing other members’ profile, add them to your hotlist if you fancy them. You can block them if you find them unsuitable for your tastes. This online dating site has many pages of members you can choose from, so probably they really do have millions of members.

There is no internal matching system like other online dating sites such as e-harmony or BigChurch. The member chooses his or her own match using a few specific criteria which is not so much of a big help for members hoping for a compatible match.

Since this is also a homosexual dating site, the backside is, how would you know that the men or women you are choosing are straight or gay?

Ease of Use

The site is user friendly. Once you access your profile page after login, you can find the navigation buttons to your mailbox, search, browse, online now, in my area, and chat. Like most online dating sites, the site is quick and easy to use.

Customer Service and Cost

The cost per month is like other online sites at about $39.00. However, with a staggering amount of members you probably can find Mr. or Ms. Right without subscribing as long as you are determined and committed to spend time at the site. Probably they won’t lose money. Is that why those advertisements are there?


Rating, the online dating site from a score of 1 to 5 with 1 as the lowest score and 5 the highest score, the general rating would be 3.58. The specific ratings are on demographics: 4;  features: 4;  profiles: 3; matching and searching: 2.5; ease of use: 4, customer service and cost: 4.

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