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With a name like one is led to have high expectations.  In an imperfect world a Hollywood movie referenced site can lead a person to Champagne dreams that burst like so many tiny little bubbles.  But this site comes as close as any to living up to the expectations. It is one of the serious relationship sites and has its resident relationship guru. Yale PhD, Pepper Schwartz is a doctor of Sociology and tenured professor, in addition to being published author and in house love expert for  As with most of the dating sites that are geared towards serious relationships and marriage the sign up is actually the most painful process.


The testing and profile portion of the signup take nearly an hour.  With a series of true false questions that can lead you to believe that the results won't be 100%.  But pleasant surprises happen, and the personality evaluation was extremely accurate.  Additionally, the site actually has a feedback process to welcome your evaluation of the accuracy of the tests, making it appear that improving the site for user benefit is high on their agenda.  One huge benefit was the test being based on a Myers-Briggs type formula, if you ever took one of those personality tests where you get a four letter result you've taken one of these.  The upside to this is that it focuses on all major aspects of your personality and not only matches you on the website with people that have the best personality type to complement you; but also give you four paragraphs of description of the personality type most suited to you.  Quite handy for meeting people in the "real world."

Matching & Searching searching and matching are based on a combination of the Duet test and the users personal preferences.  There is also a fair amount of built in wiggle room in doing the searches.  In addition to the Perfect Matches that the site calculates for you based primarily on personality compatibility, but also factoring in your personal preferences, including deal breaker criteria; you can also do customized searches and keyword searches are also available.  The matching was extremely accurate on all counts, including location, and was quite a pleasant surprise.


Communication was the only slight negative on the site.  Where they have their "icebreaker" and email exchange, they lack a chat function.  But with most people having, it seems, at least three IM programs on their pc, that is a pretty minor setback.  Especially when the positives are weighed against it.


PerfectMatch subscribers on the site run the gamut age wise, primarily in the 30-50 bracket.  However, the education level is extremely high with 17% holding post graduate degrees.  It is also open to all lifestyle choices and does not decline subscribers for the myriad of reasons that some sites do.


It is obvious that a lot of thought and planning went into not only the personality profile and matching capabilities of the site, but into what the subscribers would benefit from as far as services.  Included in the subscription price is Dr. Schwartz' book "Finding Your Perfect Match," for those seeking advice on how to find the right person for a successful relationship.  The site also offers profile advice and review, and since first impressions are lasting impressions, this would probably benefit quite a few people in their quest for the perfect mate.  All of this perfection does come with a slightly higher price tag than many other sites, from $59.95 for one month to $249.95 for one year, with various short term deals available as well.  This truly is a "get what you pay for" dating site and is well worth the investment.

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