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Editors' Review is one of a small number of exciting online dating sites that cater to the young at heart and is technically designed to meet the capabilities of seniors. If you are a single, divorced, widowed or a never married senior searching for that special someone whom you’d like to spend the rest of your life with, to share your dream travels with, to start over with and whom you’ll love ardently, be thrilled! is the ideal online dating site for you. Unlike other dating sites where you share the limelight with young people, this site is solely for seniors, a real blessing for 50-years-olds and above, straight, gay or lesbian. Wouldn’t it be great to experience the magic of falling in love again?


There are a third of a million senior singles that visit this site every month. Since its launch in April 2008, there are now a million members. That translates to being the largest online dating site for seniors in North America. Although, and other topnotch dating sites list seniors as members, they aren’t exclusive for seniors and the features may intimidate the young at heart.


The features of are so user friendly for one who grew up with the familiarity of the telephone and the post office as dating and communication tools. The dating site is basic and simple, easy to register and log on to. Maybe the creator of this site kept in mind that seniors might have difficulty navigating the pages. This site is a great service for those who are challenged technologically.

The site offers browsing pictures, videos, live video, audio or text chat.

Initiating contact begins through a free membership then upon upgrading, the features of e-mail and chat can be utilized to deepen the connection.  For those shy seniors, they can initiate contact through anonymous flirts and e-mails.

One nice feature is that one can specify who can see his or her profile. This is great for choosy seniors if they only want men or women from a specified age group to contact them.  


Creating a free account is done within two minutes. Simple physical characteristics are asked such as your height, body type, color of hair and eyes and so on. Here, questions are asked about yourself and 11 multiple type questions are asked about your personality.

If anyone would like to contact you, you are given a choice on what message ideas you would like them to answer.

Then, proceed to upload your greeting. You can do a voice record on your computer then upload it or you can phone in your greeting and the site will upload it for you. The same is true when uploading your photo. You can upload it yourself or to make it easier for those who are technology-shy to persist, e-mail it and the site will do the job for you.

Matching and Searching

The simplest way to search for matches is to specify the gender, age, and location of your ideal match. This is the simplest and a picture or a gallery of pictures is displayed. Beside each picture, the audio greeting and the results of the simple personality test are presented. An advanced search includes more criteria such as marital status, ethnicity, smoking, and other personal characteristics.

Members who match those criteria are then displayed, and you can flirt, e-mail and let the communication progress to audio or video chat and let the real getting-to-know-each-other happen. 

Matching is easy too. All you do is specify criteria on age, marital status, location, general build and others, then the matches are sent to you.

Ease of Use online dating site was designed to be easy to use. Its simple features wouldn’t challenge seniors technically. At the bottom of each page when you answer questions for your profile is a button for technical support.  The features such as phoning in your audio greeting and e-mailing your photo were designed to make seniors experience online dating effortlessly.

Customer Service and Cost

The cheapest subscriber’s fee is at $9.95 for six months. Discounts are usually offered. Unlimited membership is available but you can only initiate contact, browse photos and do some flirting. You can bookmark favorite members whom you would be interested to contact later on and upgrade and begin communicating through chat or e-mail to deepen the relationship.

Summary is an online dating site dedicated to people 50 years old and above searching for love, dating, companionship, a serious relationship and even marriage. Understandably, the features are user friendly since seniors grew up when cyberspace wasn’t invented yet. Searching and matching are quick based on some criteria. Membership is free but limited to flirting and browsing. If upgraded, the costs are very affordable and give full access to all its features.


The rating takes into consideration the capability of seniors to use the site.

From a score of 1 to 5 with 1 as the lowest score and 5 as the highest score the site is rated as 4.42, specifically the demographics: 4.25, features: 4.0, profiles: 4.5, matching and searching: 4.00, ease of use: 5.00 and customer service and cost: 4.75.

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