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Sometimes it's really nice to have someone looking out for you, taking away the need to look over your shoulder and think twice. makes a valiant effort on this front.  They are the only major dating site that does background checks on every single member, male and female.  Potential subscribers are checked for criminal backgrounds, sexual offences and marital status, and are not allowed to communicate with other members until they have received the thumbs up from True.  The most common of these would, of course, be the married people trying to find extra-marital entertainment.  It would actually be nice if all sites that were geared towards relationships did this.


So what does True give subscribers beyond a little extra peace of mine?  Well, filling out the profile was quite different from most sites.  Multiple pages of questions were asked, side by side versions of the "about you" and "who you're looking for" types of questions.  But what was fun, some of us are easily entertained, was that at the bottom of each successive page there is a tally of how many True members within your previously specified geographical zone meet your criteria.  This is pretty handy, if you are narrowing your choices too much you need to just go back to the last page and change a selection or two and the number of matches goes back up.  There are a whole series of personality tests that are pretty similar in general to most other sites with the exception of the "sex personality" test.

Matching & Searching

These different personality tests also correlate to the different match options you have available.  You can match everything from "sex personality" to "romantic personality" to TRUE compatibility, which is similar in scope to most of the serious relationship and marriage oriented sites.  These also had a small degree of relationship to the myriad of chat rooms available.  After the wink, the email, or even before them meeting in one of the chat rooms is an option many take advantage of.  They run the gamut from Adult to 45+ and just about any option you can think of.  The range of what subscribers are looking for on the site seems to be marriage at one end and cyber excitation at the other-so be aware of that.


The bulk of subscribers are fairly similar to most dating oriented sites.  Though on True less than half are college educated, perhaps a higher degree of honesty in general, between 30-50 and within 50 miles of a major city.  True is one of the sites that appears to have a much higher concentration of subscribers in metropolitan areas over smaller cities. But they are a much larger site than many of the others, with roughly 11 million members, so finding "geographically desirable" matches is not a problem.


The concept of the site is reinforced in their "Safer Dating" category.  The vast majority of the advice in addition to this seems geared to have a broad range of use and appeal. From dating for single parents to how to best set your profile to exercising for better sex, they cover it all.  There are two drawbacks to the site, there is a fair amount of advertising which should not happen on a site that charges 49.99 for one month and there have been reports of difficulty deactivating accounts, not an untypical complaint in the online dating world, but something to be aware of.  Overall, is very well managed and put together.

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