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Links Girlfriend doesn't realize boyfriend is on vacation... leaves tons of crazy emails and text messages. You gotta check this out, so you never do the same thing.
1 0 Gwen Aug 11, 2009 in Dating Advice 1. Retain Your Individuality DO know that guys like it when you're not super trendy. "I love individuality. Wear what you feel is the best representation of yourself. Wear what you feel is the best representation of yourself." 2. Avoid Show-Offs DON'T...
1 0 Gwen Jul 29, 2009 in Dating & Celebrities Here's one of the best wedding entrances ever, while dancing to the song Forever. Why not have fun when you get married right!
1 0 Marie Jul 24, 2009 in Date Ideas Learn how to get females attention and responses through your online dating profile! What to write to her. Where to ask her out on a date. Score real dates! DOs and DON'Ts of Online Dating!
1 0 Gwen Jun 16, 2009 in Online Dating Why women are attracted to Bad Boys! I know its hard to hear that women are really attracted to "Bad Boys"...
1 0 Dynise Jun 10, 2009 in Dating Advice Some very good tips for guys to tell if a women is attracted to them.
1 0 Jodi Apr 17, 2009 in Dating Advice Do you want to be the guy who's successful with any woman he desires? Well, starting today - you can be!
1 0 Jodi Feb 10, 2009 in Dating Advice In five minutes you can have any of these proven secrets working for you even if you're shy or embarrassed and even if you've tried everything but failed miserably… So if you're ready to add more fire to the bedroom, then keep reading – it...
1 0 Jodi Feb 10, 2009 in Intimacy

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