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Fun Indoor Date Ideas

Date ideas for rainy days, or just when you feel like staying indoors

Playing board games can be a fun way to spend time with your date.

Does it seem as if the rain just won’t stop? Is that cold, frigid weather limiting your options for your next date? Don’t let it dampen your mood! Take it as an opportunity to try out new ideas. Who knows, you might just love these indoor dates that could even become a habit for you and your sweetie. Here are some fun dates you and your partner could get yourselves into during the cold or rainy season, or anytime you just want to stay indoors.

  • Cook up a romantic dinner

Making dinner together at home can give some good bonding moments. Take out your best china from the cupboard and serve the meal with some candles and sweet, soft music playing in the background.

  • Double Movie Feature

Spend the lazy afternoon watching two movies; one of your choice and the other of your partner’s choice. Keep it fun by making a deal that you should be the one to choose the snacks for the movie of the other’s choice and vice versa.

  • Good Old Board games

Take out your dusty puzzles and board games and enjoy the afternoon rolling dices or trying to think of the best word from your tiles. Winner gets a whole body massage from the loser!

  • Get Camera-happy

Set up a makeshift photo shoot and be wacky, serious or dress up in not-so-usual outfits and take pictures of each other to your heart’s content! Take out those old Halloween costumes or some old, outdated and snap away! When you’re done having fun with taking pictures, upload them into your favorite photo-editing software and play around with all the effects you can make.

  • Go for Ethnic Cuisine

Try going to a restaurant you haven’t tried yet, preferably someplace that specializes in ethnic cuisine. Try that Thai chicken specialty or some other dish you haven’t tasted yet before.

  • Get crafty

Keep yourselves entertained with your crayons, gluesticks, and art paper and conjure up crafty materials. Better yet, make a card for each other by using the materials available. No peeking at each other’s card until you’re both done!

  • Plan an Indoor picnic

Spread out your picnic blanket in your living room and prepare a tasty meal. Enjoy it together while listening to the raindrops on the roof and cuddling on the blanket afterwards.

  • Get your Hands on the Video Games

Head for your local arcade or rent some video games to play on your computer. Or, you can even take out your old Nintendo if you have one. Bring out your competitive side and enjoy beating the crap out of each other in the two-player video games. Thn, kiss and make-up afterwards.

  • Go Indoor Ice Skating or Rollerblading

Go to the nearest indoor skating rink that offers ice skate rentals, or to the local indoor rollerblading rink. Have fun holding each other’s hands, and if one or neither of you know how to skate, have a blast learning and laughing at each other’s slip-ups.

  • Have a Nostalgia Fest
Take out your photo albums and videos of trips or special events, while dining in the sofa. Flip through the photos, watch the videos and reminisce about days gone by. Marvel at how much you’ve both changed since you met each other and talk about how wonderful it has been since you two got together. 


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anonymous by Hadley on 9/8/2009
I loved these date ideas! Living in Phoenix, where it's hot ALL the time, these date ideas inside are fun AND cheap. I will definitely use some of these ideas in the future.

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