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Watching a good movie is an essential to a great date. Two people who are starting to get to know each other should find something in common with the movie that they choose. This movie might just lead them the next level of dating or even motivate them to...  more »
0 0 Oct 15, 2009 in Date Ideas
Fall brings cool breeze that makes you want to cuddle with someone to warm up your senses. This is one of the best seasons to plan something with your special someone. So bring out your warm blanket, grab a hot cup of chocolate and ask the perfect person...  more »
0 0 Oct 13, 2009 in Date Ideas
It is sweet pleasures and sexy thoughts that make planning for your Valentine’s Day date extra fun. Planning something for that big day is just as easy as one – two – three. You usually don’t have to spend that much to be able to...  more »
0 0 Oct 10, 2009 in Date Ideas
You’re about to go out but suddenly, Mother Nature won’t cooperate and sends you rain. Don’t despair. Your date isn’t over yet. Here are a few fun and unique date ideas that are guaranteed to banish the rainy day blues...  more »
0 0 Oct 9, 2009 in Date Ideas
Romantic Date Ideas
Whether you have just started going out or celebrating your fifth wedding anniversary, dates are important to keeping the passion alive in your love life. Here are a few romantic date ideas for every stage of your relationship. Igniting the Flame A...  more »
0 0 Oct 6, 2009 in Date Ideas
Are your dates getting too routine? An unexpected surprise will always spice up your date night. Follow these suggestions and you’ll have your partner’s heart racing in no time. Chocolate Bliss – Purchase some high-quality chocolates...  more »
0 0 Sep 8, 2009 in Date Ideas
Humorous Date Ideas
Let’s face it. When it comes to romance, girls love the mushy romantic stuff complete with violin music and fireworks. But when the relationship starts to deepen, the romantic stuff sometimes gets a little boring. Women love men with a sense of...  more »
0 0 Aug 20, 2009 in Date Ideas
How to Spice Up Your Next Date Night
Variety is the spice of life they say, and the same is true when going out on a date. If your date destinations have lately become so ho hum and your date nights seem to fall into a rut of eating at a fast food restaurant and watching a movie afterwards, then this article is for you. Here are tips to add some spice to your next date night:  more »
0 0 Jul 27, 2009 in Date Ideas
Does it seem as if the rain just won’t stop? Is that cold, frigid weather limiting your options for your next date? Don’t let it dampen your mood! Take it as an opportunity to try out new ideas. Who knows, you might just love these indoor dates that could even become a habit for you and your sweetie. Here are some fun dates you and your partner could get yourselves into during the cold or rainy season, or anytime you just want to stay indoors.  more »
0 1 Jul 26, 2009 in Date Ideas
Whether you and your partner are just getting to know more about each other, or have already been together for several months, you will still need to come up with dates that are fun, creative and not-so-typical. Here is a list of several ideas to jazz up your dates and put the needed zing into them.  more »
1 0 Jun 28, 2009 in Date Ideas
Being in a relationship with the person who just makes your heart sing can unwittingly make even the most reserved person become mushy and affectionate. But after quite some time, you'll notice that the initial charge of emotions may wear out and make...  more »
0 0 Jun 14, 2009 in Date Ideas

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