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10 Ways to Spice Up Your Next Date Night


Interesting things often happen when there's a full moon out!

Are your dates getting too routine? An unexpected surprise will always spice up your date night. Follow these suggestions and you’ll have your partner’s heart racing in no time.

  1. Chocolate Bliss – Purchase some high-quality chocolates from reputable chocolatier and surprise your date with a box of chocolate truffles. No matter what they say that chocolates are outdated, any girl will appreciate this nice gift. Better yet, take turns feeding each other these expensive treats and sweeten up the night with this endorphin-inducing sweets.
  2. Feet Flirting – During dinner, take your shoes off and touch his calf with your toes. Seduce him with a little feet flirting and he’s sure to get the tab quicker and get you someplace else more private.
  3. Relaxing Massage – Dim the lights with billowy scarves draped sexily on lighted lamps. Light up some scented candles and grab some massage oil and take turns massaging each other’s stressed limbs. A relaxing night is great especially for those who lead a fast-paced career.
  4. Full Moon Date – Look at the calendar and watch for the date of the next full moon. Have a friend with a boat? Spend the whole night on a boat with your lover under a full moon. Better yet, go skinny dipping on this most romantic setting.
  5. Fondue Foreplay – Book a night at a French bistro and order some fondue. This is the perfect excuse to feed each other and lick each other’s fingers.
  6. Become Teenagers – Order shakes, burgers, and fries and head out to a scenic area. Then enjoy eating the junk food and have some necking done on the backseat.
  7. Sexy Latin Dancing – Go to a salsa bar and heat  up the dance floor with sultry sexy moves. Watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith and recreate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s passionate dancing.
  8. Tease with Sexy Notes – Leave your man a sexy email at work. Put a note on his briefcase telling him what you’re planning to do. The anticipation will get the better of him and will leave him wanting more.
  9. Familiar Strangers – Go to a local bar and pretend to be strangers hooking up for the first time. Introduce yourselves and do some flirting. Then invite him or her to your place.
  10. Breakfast in Bed – Thoughtfulness is always sexy. Surprise your partner with a breakfast in bed. Whip up some French toast and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Better yet, for ladies, serve the breakfast in a French maid costume.


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