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Does Your Online Dating Persona Match UP in Real Life?


Make sure your online dating persona doesn't differ drastically from who you are in real-life.

Online dating gives you a chance to reinvent yourself, but experts say, your online dating persona should match up in real life if you’re planning on starting having a real relationship. Just like in traditional dating, your online dating persona should be your best foot forward. However, don’t veer away from your true self because it would jeopardize your chances of finding true love online.

Professional Photographs

Having a professional present you at your best is a good way to get your online dating persona to match up in real life. By all means have your picture taken by the best photographer you can afford. We are visual creatures and we gravitate towards attractive people.

Put a head shot and a full body shot on your profile. This makes it easier for other people to visualize what you really look like in person. However, make sure that the photograph you put up online is one that is the most recent. You’ll be setting up your future date for disappointment if you put up a photograph of yourself taken ten years ago. Again, there’s a thin line between putting your best food forward and deceiving people.

Online Profiles

After you’ve put up your photograph, take the time to craft an online profile. Remain positive on your profile by mentioning the things that you like, instead of the things you don’t like. This lets you come across as a positive, happy individual. Remember, happiness is a very attractive trait. Also, try to present the qualities you bring into a relationship, not what you want out of other people. This gives a message that you are not high-maintenance.

Another thing to think about when creating an online profile is to make it short. There’s no need to lay all your cards on the table. Leave a little mystery for your future online date to ask about and discover.

There will always be a chance that your online persona might be different from your real life. After all, that touch of anonymity will always bring out something in you that you haven’t discovered in real life. You might be more outgoing online than in person, but your essential qualities should always be the same.   



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