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5 Tips for a Successful Blind Date


For many of us, going on that blind date may be a mixture of excitement, nerves and butterflies in the stomach. But before you get all sparked up to meet that mysterious date, here are some pointers that you should stick to for that exciting, date-worthy night.

1. Dress nicely and casually, depending on the pre-arranged meeting place

Before trying to make the date last, of course you should first make sure that you are worth laying eyes on. Looking your best wouldn't hurt at all, especially because the saying that "first impressions, last" is very valuable to take to heart especially on a blind date. A good pair of pants and a decent polo shirt for the gentlemen, or a casual skirt or dress for the ladies would be a good choice. There's no need to get all dressy and frilly, just go a little beyond decent-looking and you'll be fine. For the ladies, don't go all out on the make-up. Just a few, sweet swipes of eye shadow and blush would do. Smelling nice would also be a big plus!

2. Showing that you're sincerely interested lights up the spark

Make sure to listen and pay attention to what your date is saying. Remember, paying attention shows that you are genuinely interested in the person, and this can be a turn-on for your date. When a person knows that he/she is being paid attention to, they tend to value the other person more compared to someone who seems uninterested in what they have to say. When your date sees that your show of interest is sincere, he/she would lighten up a bit more and be more open and relaxed. And, by listening well, you also get an insight on what the other person is like, getting to know about each other in the process.

3. Carry the convo well!

Be prepared for dead moments when both of you have nothing to say to each other. Talk about the silence being deafening! Though it doesn't happen in all blind dates, there is still a small possibility. Be ready with those silence-smashing conversation starters, you may need them.

When trying to get on with the conversation, keep the topics light and easy to relate to. Remember, it's still the first date, not a commitment. It's fine to be animated and bubbly, but be careful not to be too chatty. This may be a total turn-off, especially for the men who wouldn't want their future girlfriend to bite their ears off telling him everything about how her day went. And, you wouldn't want to reveal everything about yourself in one sitting, would you?

4. Relax and feel good about yourself

A blind date is not a somber event that you should be too anxious about. Relax. No one's going to bite your head off. It's a time for you to unwind and loosen up from all that office stress. Take deep breaths when a bout of nervousness threatens to come up. Remind yourself of the wonderful person you are and how much your friends love you for simply being you. What's more, if your date sees the calm, relaxed side of you, it could also help him/ her ease up on the tension. Plus, people get more attracted to those who know how to carry themselves well with confidence.

5. Smile!!

Known to be the best beautifier on the planet, a smile relaxes the people who see it and eases any tension you and your date might be feeling. Aside from that, it lights up your face and makes you look more sociable and pleasant. Anyone would choose a face with a smile any day of the week, regardless of the outfit or hair color or race. I know I would. J



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